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Paraphrasing is used extensively within academic writing to show that you have fully understood what another author has said and also to present their arguments in a manner that is more in keeping with your own work and the audience that you are targeting.

Paraphrasing is your own unique explanation of another person's ideas. In paraphrasing, you must express the idea in your own words and your own sentence unavocenorthernalabama.comrasing is not merely inserting synonyms to replace the words that the original author used.

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Paraphrasing (writing information in your own words) is a highly acceptable way to include the ideas of other people in your writing. It is very important, however, to paraphrase correctly because there is a fine balance between acceptable paraphrasing and unacceptable paraphrasing (plagiarism).

List of Top Paraphrasing Software Academic Writing Rebecca 1 year ago 0 comments paraphrasing in academic writing, paraphrasing software academic writing, reword my paper generator Academic writing paves the way for. The tools have long been available and central to academic writing. In contrast, from my perspective, the harmful effects of paraphrasing software being utilized by young writers is more in line with the harmful effects of calculators being utilized by grade school arithmetic students.

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